From June 7th 2021, we will re-open the studio and combine in person teaching for 6 clients face-to-face in class and 4 clients by live streaming. We do hope to reopen as normal soon!

Timetable June Return
Pilates Course Term Dates 2020-2021:
  • Monday 4th January – Friday 12th February
  • Monday 22nd February – Thursday 1st April
  • Monday 19th April – Friday 27th May
  • Monday 7th June – Friday 23rd July
  • Monday 6th September – Friday 22nd October
  • Monday 1st November – Friday 17th December

Pay as you go classes will run through school half term and holidays.

Bodyworks Classes

Our Virtual Class Timetable

(All classes run on Zoom)

  • Monday - 6.45-7.45pm and 8.00-9.00pm - Both times Mixed Ability
  • Tuesday - 9.30-10.30am
  • Wednesday - 6.00-7.00pm
  • Thursday - 9.30-10.30am and 6.30-7.30pm
  • Friday - 9.30-10.30am

When Covid restrictions are lifted, we will return to our full Studio Class Timetable.