How to use Zoom

How To Use Zoom

How to Get Started Online

It’s easy to get started online – but whether it’s your first time attending an online class, or you want to improve the experience – here are tips for getting the most out of your practice.

You will need a device with a video camera and microphone, so that we can both see and hear you (like a laptop, tablet/iPad, or smartphone). The bigger the screen the better so that you can see your teacher clearly and we can see you.

Before you begin your class make sure you:
  • find a space with enough room to practice freely
  • have any kit you might need at hand (see our essential kit list!)
  • have Zoom installed on your device so you can sign in to the class. On a laptop/computer – go to and create an account (it’s free) or download the App ‘ZOOM Cloud meetings’ on your tablet or smartphone.
  • position your device where you can comfortably see it but far enough away that the teacher can see the whole of you. If possible, lie side on to the camera in landscape, or at least on a diagonal so your teacher can see you to give correction
  • turn up the volume on your device so that you can hear your teacher
  • have natural light in front of you rather than behind you. Close any curtains or blinds and turn on room lights.
  • have a good internet connection (video uses a lot of bandwidth)
How to join class:

Click on the link provided by us to join the class. Log in a few minutes early so you have time to adjust the settings and your set up if necessary. We can help you with this.

Controlling your screen:

Within Zoom, you have the option to change what you see on your screen. You can choose between “Gallery” view (where you can see a bunch of different talking heads in smaller windows) and “Speaker” view (where you see only the person currently talking, in a large window). “Gallery” is nice before and after class so you can chat and recognise friends. “Speaker” view is usually best for the actual class.

Connection issues:

If your connection gets patchy during class, try turning off your video camera (so you can still see us, we just can’t see you). That will usually help as it places less demand on your internet. Alternatively, try leaving the meeting and then rejoining.

Sound during class:

If you have arrived before the class start time, you may wish to unmute yourself to say hello to your teacher and let them know about any new injuries or illness you currently have. Your teacher will mute all participants during the class to prevent feedback.

Asking questions:

If you have any concerns or questions for the teacher during the class, please wave or unmute yourself to ask your teacher.

Please note, if you do unmute yourself, the recording will be in “speaker” view and you will be visible to other clients if the class is being recorded.


Learning at home is different from being in a dedicated studio space, and it’s natural that you may encounter interruptions from pets, children or a delivery. If you need to switch off video or leave the room temporarily, please do.

The end of a class:

At the end of class, there will be 5 minutes for you to chat to your teacher and fellow students. We actively invite you to ask questions or speak to friends. We find this helps us to stay connected socially as part of a group. If you’re feeling pretty chilled, or have somewhere to be and want to slip off quietly you can just choose to ‘leave meeting’ and that’s fine with us too!

We hope this gives you enough information to get the most of your Zoom session. Once you have done your first class it will all become so much easier!

View Class timetable

Please go to the timetable for our current class schedule and follow the link to our booking system to reserve your space today.

Classes - at Bodyworks Pilates Studio

Bodyworks Pilates and Yoga Studio offers small group classes ensuring clients are given individual advice and hands on attention throughout the session. Group classes are limited to 10. All clients are asked to fill out a screening form before commencing a session so that classes can be tailored to suit the needs of those attending.

Group Pilates Classes

Small, group Pilates classes with experienced instructors. All clients receive individual advice and hands on attention.

Private Pilates

Have an expert instructor focus their attention solely on you and your body. Refine your technique and get help with injury.

Beginner Pilates

This is for clients new to Pilates. Learn the basic principles of the Pilates technique and improve your body awareness as you learn to move better.


Learn to relieve built up areas of stress with easy body rolling (Fascia Release) techniques you can do at home.


Workshops designed to improve your health and well-being, understand your body and get you moving better.

Pilates On Demand

Anytime access to our extensive library of quality, pre-recorded classes all from the comfort of your own home!


Julie is an exceptional teacher. Her depth of knowledge enables Julie to meet people’s idiosyncratic needs. Pilates with Julie makes a real difference to us!

John and Angela Seddon

Julie's enthusiasm and commitment to Pilates instruction is inspiring. Through the work I do with her in mat-based classes and one-to-one sessions, I have learnt huge amounts about my own body and how to keep it healthy. She knows exactly what level to take me to and I always feels that I have achieved something. She is patient, enthusiastic and knowledgeable and the qualities she brings to a session make Pilates a joy to do. Classes have become an essential part of my life. She accepts all the difficulties people present with calm confidence, altering exercises for individuals as appropriate. Sessions are varied and fun often using a variety of small equipment. Over a three year period I had both my hips replaced and her preparation and rehab exercises made it possible for me to have a smooth and speedy recovery. No one is left to struggle and most importantly I feel safe in her hands.

Linda Hodgkinson

As an Osteopath, I frequently see patients who have been in pain and recovered and would benefit from high quality Pilates instruction with an instructor who understands how to tailor their exercises to their needs. Julie is a thorough and knowledgeable Pilates instructor, who goes above and beyond industry requirements in training and continuous education to provide the very best for her participants. I would recommend anyone thinking of trying Pilates to contact Julie to see how she may be able to help them.

Susie Burgess - Osteopath

A Pilates class or workshop with Julie is never dull and is always effective. Julie delivers a packed session of education, movement, posture, body therapy and lots of fun using her natural gift as a teacher to small groups where she is able to give individual and personalised support within the group.

Paula Jenkins

There's never a feeling of "one size fits all" in Julie's group classes. Not only does Julie quickly learn and remember everyone's name she knows all our individual bodies to the tiniest detail, what we need to work on, how we might cheat(!), when we could push ourselves a little harder but also when we need to adapt or just be kind to ourselves. And if that isn't enough it's always worth coming to class for Julie's extraordinary imagery: dipping toes into puddles, wearing tiaras, manoeuvring arms into and out of tight sleeping bags (??)........ I could go on!!......but they're fun and they work!! Bottom line: I always feel better going out than coming into class. I have been attending Julie's classes for the last 5 years!

Annabel Edwards

I went to Julie for help after struggling with back issues for years. After some one to one sessions Julie gave me some great exercises to get back on track and soon gave me the confidence to join her classes. With her care, patience and expertise I feel like a different person. Every class brings a new challenge for me and there are always plenty of laughs to help us along! Pilates with Julie is now part of my way of life - together with the addition of the occasional Body Rolling class - brilliant!

Karen Sheehy

I’ve always enjoyed Pilates and had numerous teachers over the year. Julie, however, is by far the best. Her passion is infectious and her desire to understand how the body works impressive. My respect for her abilities and knowledge has grown tenfold in the past 8 weeks. I started suffering with severe back and leg pain around February. Following an MRI and diagnosis of a slipped disc I was signed off work and unable to move, much less exercise. Julie encouraged me to come for some sessions and gave me some simple exercises after assessing me. I followed them and was able to join the gentle class after three weeks. I’m now back in my regular class where Julie successfully adapts every exercise for every client in her class. I have no idea how she remembers everybody's individual needs but she does. She is an absolute professional and always striving to learn more and more. I would highly recommend Julie to anyone who wants to improve their posture and strengthen their core.

Nicola Elliott

…just wanted to say a huge thanks for the functional Feet workshop. I loved it, found it so informative and so much of it very relevant for me at the moment. Your advice has made me so much more aware of things now, lots of work to be done.

Sally Jameson

Free the head, neck and shoulder workshop – …I really enjoyed the Workshop. The whole afternoon was interesting and the exercises were very helpful. I felt much less tense afterwards. It was interesting to discover just how much tension I carry and where! I am planning to make a big effort to practise. The exercises and the illustrations of muscles were interesting and seeing the 'pictures' helped to relate the practical to the body and understand how it all works(or not!). Thank you. Looking forward to more workshops in the future.

Gail McLean

Thank you so much for a very interesting and enlightening workshop yesterday. I don’t really know how you could improve on such a well thought out, action packed 2 hours! My feet have never worked so hard!...

Jacky Pugh

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